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A: a one-of-a-kind history curriculum for home-schoolers by home-schoolers

As homschoolers we have the freedom to go out and try new learning styles. Without the restrictions of mandatory curriculum we can explore fun, effective learning methods, like the History Quilt.

About the History Quilt: About
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Q: What do I get?

A: A kit including all materials and a lesson plan.

25 squares of unique representative  fabric and each one's accompanying lesson. All together the kit will include:

  • 4 divider strips

  • 4 border strips 

  • quilt backing

  • A 30-week curriculum   

  • 25 squares (including personalized ending square)

The square shown above represents World War II. It's lesson would tell about how and when it began, when America entered, which countries fought on each side, important events throughout, and much more. Students would learn all this and more while sewing this square to the previous ( The Stock Market Crash). 

The history Quilt is adaptable 

We give you material but it's still your curriculum. Though the kit is ideally arranged for a 30 week program, it is all up to you. The History Quilt can be done at whatever pace you choose.  In addition, the curriculum offers an array of suggested study methods for a broad range of student's ages.   

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