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The History Quilt is a fun interactive history curriculum designed by a homeschool mom for her kids and friends. The history Quilt links American history to a quilt with each square representing an important historical event. Students learn American history while creating a beautiful quilt they can enjoy for years.  The squares serve as "notes" little reminders to help students remember the events and their order. By the completion of this course, students should be able to give a description and date for the major events included in your American history quilt. 

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Hello, and welcome. We are so excited to share this fun, unique way of learning with you!  The history quilt combines learning and creating so at the end you have not only a great understanding of American history and its timeline but also a quilt sewn with your own hands, a trophy of your accomplishment. The History Quilt gives you knowledge and skills that will last for life. We are very excited to share it with you. Look around, find out more and reach out to us if you have questions.


Several years ago my Mom gathered a group of homeschoolers for an American history class. We wanted to do something unique; something memorable. And so began the History Quilt. Each Wednesday we got together and sewed while we discussed that week's event. At the end of the course, we could all recall the name, date, and multiple facts for each event.

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“The more you know of the past the better prepared you are for the future”

by Theodore Roosevelt

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